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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is also called Pedodontics, and the specialized dentist is Pediatric dentists, who are the tooth fairies dedicated to the dental care of children from infancy to adolescence. Teeth are a vital part of growing age for chewing, biting, grinding, phonetics, and holistic wellbeing.

Early Childhood Caries or Tooth Decay in kids is the most common infectious disease. Decaying of tooth occurs immediately after the first tooth fall due to acid produced by sugar fermenting bacteria.

Types of Treatments

Pediatric Oral Surgeon provides comprehensive oral health care like:

  • Infant Oral Health test that includes risk assessment for caries in Mother and Child
  • Nutrition and Diet recommendations
  • Habit counselling -pacifier use and thumb sucking
  • Teeth straightening and rectifying improper bites
  • Repair of tooth cavities or defects
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions related to attention deficit/ ADHD or diabetes
  • Gum diseases management like paediatric periodontal disease
  • Dental Injury Care
  • Pediatric Tooth Extraction


At ADC, we have the best Paediatric Dentist in Hyderabad who specializes in the dental care of infants, adolescents, and children with special health needs. 

Our clinic provides a child-friendly atmosphere, and we adhere to a strict sterilization policy. Apart from paediatric dental treatments, including nursing bottle caries treatment, treatment for bad breath, shedding teeth extraction, and fluoride treatment, we also educate the kid about their oral hygiene and provide dental solutions.

FAQs on Pediatric Dentistry

a kid’s dental health is essential for their overall wellbeing. so, the kids should visit the dentist at least once every six months.

the child’s ideal age for their first dental appointment is before they turn one.

the dentist may include a thorough examination of the teeth, jaws, bite, gums and oral tissues to determine the growth, developments and cleaning like removing plaques, stains.