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About Us

We welcome you and your family to become a part of our dental family with the care you deserve. At ARYA DENTAL CARE we specialize at multi-disciplinary treatment approaches. We try to be as close to the norms so that we can deliver utmost care and perfection in all the treatment outcomes. We specialize with a wide range of treatment modalities in a single location under one roof.

We take pride in our specialists at ARYA DENTAL CARE, who are brilliant and always work towards improving the quality of care being provided to you. Apart from focusing on flawless treatment outcomes, focus mainly on providing a comfortable and fear free dental experience is what makes us unique. Customization of the treatment plans according to patient needs and requirements is our moto.

ARYA DENTAL CARE is a one stop destination for all your dental concerns, we center our attention at delineating your problems, which aids you to understand any dental problem from a professional point of view and further makes it easier to choose from a variety of treatment options. We are distinctive not only by the care we provide but also the constant supervision on hygiene and asepsis of the work premises which is of utmost importance in the field of dentistry.

We boast of our unparallel dental care within an at home experience, our staff is dedicated to your wellbeing and enthusiastic to provide you with all the information not only about the at office procedures, but also to deliver you the skills which will enable you to maintain a perfectly balanced oral health at home. We extend our focus onto addressing the dental needs of all age groups making ARYA DENTAL CARE an all-inclusive hub for your family dental care.

With our customized treatment plans and one-to-one patient approach at a home like abode, we foresee to make cheerful, and splendid smiles for you and your family in the years ahead.


  • High Quality Dental Care
  • Reliable Dentistry
  • Assured Results
  • Affordable Dentistry